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I was observed today…. and I loved it!: Teaching outside the box

Remember the old days when a lesson observation was THE deal breaker, well at least in my mind it was. This was my chance, a window to showcase my repertoire of teaching tools and cram as much into that 30/60 minute session as I could, an all singing all dancing lesson, in essence I was … Continue reading

Top tips for Outstanding – Ofsted observations

This is an extract from my previous blog: Teaching and Learning: Reflections from the new Framework experience…….  The lesson observation….. The only way I can describe it; huge pressure! As Director of Teaching and Learning I had to deliver, how could I possibly hold credibility in my own head if I was anything less than Outstanding in … Continue reading

Teaching and Learning: Reflections from the new Framework experience…….

So, the anticipation, the expectation, the preparation, the worry, the rumours; hearing that this School has been placed into special measures and that School has gone from Outstanding to requires Improvement, reading blog posts and getting more and more prepared for the inevitable. In reality what was it really like? Was it really that bad? … Continue reading

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