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Homework – Does it really make a difference?

It’s been highly publicised in the media over many years and more so recently, fueling an ongoing hot topic of discussion in education surrounding homework. Reading articles such as Long homework hours , Homework ‘damages’ primary age pupils and particularly Most homework is ‘pointless‘ all seem to suggest on the face of it, homework is an unnecessary component of … Continue reading

What does progress actually look like?

In education and even more so as teachers, we hear the term progress all the time; all students need to make progress, progress checks, planning for progress, data informing progress, progress through effective feedback and so on… but what does progress actually look like in day to day classroom practice and how can we measure … Continue reading

Re-shaping Teaching & Learning

As the journey to shifting our whole school approach to teaching and learning continues, I thought I would post an update as recent conversations with colleagues in other schools seem to indicate that there are still anxieties, elements of uncertainty and a perception of apprehensiveness with moving to ungraded lessons. I would ask why? If … Continue reading

Bringing The Real World Into Learning – Presentation

Here’s my presentation which supported my seminar at BETT on Wednesday 21st January 2015. I would like to thank everyone who attended and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Bringing The Real World Into Learning – Synopsis Like many teachers and school leaders in the UK, and I would assume in other countries across the … Continue reading

Bringing The Real World Into Learning – BETT 2015

I thought it prudent to set the scene ahead of my BETT talk and also provide a brief insight for the benefit of those people who cannot be there, without giving too much away for those that will be! I’ll be publishing a detailed blog on my BETT experience following the show, so please sign … Continue reading

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