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The role of MOOCs in schools – do they have their place?

I’ve become increasingly interested in the evolution of ‘MOOCs’ as they emerge, branded as the potential future of education, but do they have a role in schools? I thought I’d share my views as I look into this at my School. Probably one of the most significant developments in education in recent years, MOOCs (massive open online … Continue reading

Turning ideas into reality using Apps

Personally at times I have been frustrated, as have my students, from getting their ‘blue sky’ ideas into something more tangible, such as a working prototype.  Over the last few years it has felt quite impossible at times that if you don’t have any specific technical/design skills it’s always difficult  to make things happen. However, now it may be a lot easier … Continue reading

10 Apps that make a difference to learning

With Apple recently announcing over 1 million apps in their App Store, one would assume finding an App isn’t difficult. You’d be correct in this assumption, however finding an app that can be integrated into education as a learning tool takes a little more consideration.  Finding free educational apps that are  worth downloading and enable … Continue reading

Free to use music for student projects

Like many like minded educators I’m always on the lookout for something free! YouTube have just released music tracks to use in learning projects such as presentations, photo slideshows and podcasts.  I’m always mindful of copyright law infringement when students begin to share their projects  online so this is a welcomed move forwards.   To … Continue reading

The Flipped classroom experience – Apps

Flipping the learning experience isn’t something radically new and has been around for a while.  As technology in education is constantly evolving,  the flipped classroom model has really taken off.  Whilst planning for the next academic year,  I stumbled upon these resources that,  I am sure, will be of use to Colleagues across the globe. … Continue reading

Google Glass – The potential for education.

As a Technology addict and ICT teacher, I’m always on the look out for new and innovative ways to progress the learning experience for all students, in an engaging style. I’ve been researching and monitoring the developments of Google glass for some time now and pondering; how can Google Glass technology be used to enhance … Continue reading

Connecting communities – Google+ in education

As Google+ continues to evolve it seems there isn’t a better time to jump on the bandwagon and start exploring the benefits for education. The ‘connectivity’ it offers through discussion groups, communities and circles make this a fantastic and somewhat under-exploited tool for education. I’ve looked at this from an establishment and educator perspective as Google+ … Continue reading

Collaborative learning using Pinterest

Pinterest as an educational tool, this is something I’ve been exploring recently. Of course, as an educator this is a fantastic platform to pull together resources and tools for developing pedagogy, network with other professionals and share good practice. There are some fantastic people in education utilising Pinterest who I recommend checking out: Charity Preston Amanda Plum Eric Sheninger … Continue reading

Free online resources to enhance the learning experience of students.

As teachers I’m sure we all agree that anything free is a bonus, especially in the current financial climate. Consiquently I’ve been looking at ways to enhance the learning experience for my students without increasing the financial demands I place upon my School. I’ve started to compile a library of free online resources that could … Continue reading

Flipping the learning experience..

Okay, so I’m away in London working with two Schools, it’s a great experience and I am picking up some amazing new ideas to not only improve my own classroom practice but that of Collegaues as well. I am conscious however, that I’m away from my students and I dont want them to miss out … Continue reading

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