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The Flipped classroom experience – Apps

FlippingFlipping the learning experience isn’t something radically new and has been around for a while.  As technology in education is constantly evolving,  the flipped classroom model has really taken off.  Whilst planning for the next academic year,  I stumbled upon these resources that,  I am sure, will be of use to Colleagues across the globe.  Here are my top 5:

Answer Pad – This is a really useful enhanced dialogue system, enabling ongoing feedback with students.

Knowmia – Allows you to search and use video presentations and interactive assignments to impact students both in and out of the classroom.

Mentormob – Here you can create guided learning playlists that students can use at home for self learning.

9slides – Like many other slide share apps, this is a really good way for teachers to create a guided presentation for their students “flipped learning” experience.

Thinglink – This allows students to add content to images. For example, a student could display a map of London and add a video segment explaining how the Shard was built. It’s extremely easy to use, students can just click a spot on the image and add text, a link to a website, or an embed code for video.

I hope these are useful to you.


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