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Bringing The Real World Into Learning – BETT 2015

I thought it prudent to set the scene ahead of my BETT talk and also provide a brief insight for the benefit of those people who cannot be there, without giving too much away for those that will be! I’ll be publishing a detailed blog on my BETT experience following the show, so please sign up for updates if you wish to read all about it. If you are attending the BETT show, I’ll be in the Secondary Learn Live Theatre at 12:30pm on wednesday 21st January 2015. More details can be found on the BETT website.

Bringing The Real World Into Learning – Synopsis

Like many teachers and school leaders in the UK, and I would assume in other countries across the globe as well, making learning exciting, real and developing students awareness of real world applications of their knowledge can certainly be an issue. Under the constraints of the current curriculum and most certainly the new curriculum for 2015, I feel we run the risk of turning students into examination taking machines, and are heading for a potential ‘factory’ model education system, where potentially large numbers of students could fall off the metaphorical cliff.


My talk aims to demonstrate how schools can strike the balance between academic achievement and an acute real world awareness where all students succeed and have a future, whilst at the same time satisfying the ever-changing accountability measures placed upon us. Here’s a trailer/teaser to wet your appetite:



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