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Teach Meet Devon – The Power of Sharing….

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Last week, on Wednesday 1st July, #TMDevon finally arrived. I think it’s fair to say in just one word it was ‘epic’. We all know that teach meets, as a teaching underground revolution, are transforming CPD across the country and I felt Devon needed to be a part of it! For quite a while now I’ve become increasingly fed up with our rural isolation being used as an excuse for not accessing/engaging with like minded colleagues collaboratively. Therefore, teach meet Devon was streamed live via Google Hangouts (albeit with a slight technical glitch for a couple of minutes) and this was fantastic, allowing not only colleagues locally to watch the event but also those further afield, promoting engagement via twitter. The archived live streams can be viewed here:


Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) delivered a superb keynote, setting the tone for an inspiring evening. I also appreciated his support in co-hosting the event with me. Please check out his blog here.

Here is a merge of the presentations from Students as researchers of Tavistock Primary School (@TCPANS), @MrHistoire, @CicelyAlsbury, @LanguagePigeon, @wellsportsPhil, @KDWScience and @CiM_psyinEd

As it turned out, #TMDevon started to trend on Twitter in the UK within the hour, proving that high quality, teacher led CPD is most certainly not confined to a specific location and that even if the geographical loction is preceived as isolated, collaboration isn’t difficult in this era of educational global collaboration.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making #TMDevon a success and in particular our sponsors/supporters; Class Charts, Class Dojo, Remind HQ, Kahoot, Biteslide, Randstad Education (Plymouth)

Until next year………… keep on sharing!


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