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It’s all about the bottom line

“The difficulty is maintaining equity, equality and solidarity without over-prescribing what a lesson should look like, and therefore regressing into a culture of tick boxes, checkups and closed doors to every classroom – all that was wrong with teaching and learning in the first place!”   I’m not a fan of the phrase ‘non-negotiables’, to … Continue reading

Keep your eye on the ball: Core Business

“How often do we hear or even get the opportunity to participate in a regular, focussed dialogue around teaching and learning? the ‘glue’ that holds all the component parts together.”   Over the last 12 years I’ve seen and been part of initiatives that have started at pace and then fizzled out over time. Not only … Continue reading

9 things to have in mind for the new academic year

As I returned to school and walked back into my office earlier this week, starting to prepare for the new school year, commencing in September, I began to contemplate the new year and all the opportunities it may bring. However, I also thought carefully about the fundamental basics that I mustn’t lose sight of to … Continue reading

The Art Of Reflection

re·flec·tive (rĭ-flĕk′tĭv) adj. Characterised by or given to serious thinking or contemplation; thoughtful.   Currently I’m in the process of building our new CPD/Professional Learning model for the new academic year (I’ll be blogging more about that as it nears completion). However, there’s one crucial element that I’ve been pondering for a while, and that’s … Continue reading

Workload – Less Could Be More

With the recent escalation surrounding teachers’ workload here in the UK (again) fuelled this week by Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan: “teachers shouldn’t have to answer emails or mark homework after that cut off point to ensure that teachers were able to spend their time focusing on what they are passionate about”. And for the record, during … Continue reading

Memoirs of a work experience student – a week in Parliament

  As a foreword to what I can only describe as a sensational exploration of career aspiration, I’d like to take this opportunity to emphasise the importance of real world learning (you can read more about that in a previous blog here). In particular the value that effective, meaningful work experience can add to a students … Continue reading

Questioning; Challenge & Engagement

Questioning is a fundamental element of pedagogy, one you could read endlessly around, but the reality is using questioning to challenge and engage all learners is demanding and potentially problematic to get right. Recently I’ve been working with a team of teachers, shaping our CPD model in preparation for the new academic year. Engaging in … Continue reading

#1 In Moving Your Teaching Forward…?

  As the end of this academic year is fast approaching, I personally find this develops into a period of sustained self-reflection as the pressures of examination classes and the associated accountability measures attached to them diminish.  Although I always encourage open and honest reflection for all our teachers, with myself very much included in this, … Continue reading

Pitching Learning to the ‘Top’ – it’s all about CHALLENGE

13 years ago I was a fresh-faced 22 year old having just qualified from my PGCE study and the reality had just hit home, I was about to go into my first full-time teaching post. No doubt this anticipation and excitement, tinged with a little anxiety will be shared by hundreds of NQT’s this year too. Something … Continue reading

Teach Meet Devon – The Power of Sharing….

Last week, on Wednesday 1st July, #TMDevon finally arrived. I think it’s fair to say in just one word it was ‘epic’. We all know that teach meets, as a teaching underground revolution, are transforming CPD across the country and I felt Devon needed to be a part of it! For quite a while now … Continue reading

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